About Us - Scarlet Hair Extensions

About Us and Our Hair

Established in 2008, Scarlet Hair Extensions specialize in only the highest quality hair extension products available. We aren't just salespeople selling hair extensions...we are stylists who use them on a daily basis. Our goal is to educate the consumer on all the information and more importantly...the misinformation floating around the internet about hair extensions. Once armed with the proper information...we offer you the option of selecting the product best suited for your need. Regardless of your specific situation we assure you the highest quality hair for your dollar.


About Our Hair

We have all heard the horror stories of what happens when sub-par hair is used for extensions. How do you keep this from happening? Well to start with....you should only use the highest quality hair available. We didn't set out to provide the cheapest hair on the net...although we feel our prices are MORE than competitive. Instead we were determined to specialize in quality hair.

So what is "Remy" hair? Remy means simply that all the cuticles of the hairs are aligned and running in the same direction. If some of the hair shafts get turned in the opposite direction then tangling becomes a major issue. Many companies offer "Remy" hair....but once installed it tangles immediately. Why is this you may ask?? Well the answer is almost always one of two things. First...many suppliers buy the hair from importers who market their product as "Remy" but in reality the hair they are biying includes a lot of "fallen hair". "Fallen Hair" is hair that (as the name suggests) has possibly fallen to the floor during the manufacturing process and is added back to the bundle often times with the cuticles turned in the wrong direction.

We have gone to great lengths to test the hair we get from our suppliers prior to presenting it to our customers. Our products are used in salons from coast to coast and we are certain you will be pleased with level of quality of our product.